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A classic dark caramel made with a touch of fleur de sel salt, cream, and rich butter.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Smoothly ground roasted peanuts with fleur de sel salt is layered with house-made organic seasonal jelly.

70% Dark Chocolate

Single origin dark chocolate is blended with cream and butter in a ganache filling.

Passion Fruit Caramel

Fresh tangy New Zealand passion fruit juice is made into a tart buttery caramel.

Myer Lemon Hazelnut

Rich, sweet roasted hazelnut are made into a praline and layered with the refined tartness of meyer lemons.

Cara Cara Almond Praline

Delicate cara cara oranges are made into a rich ganache and layered on a fresh made roasted almond praline.

Pina Colada

Caramelized fresh pineapple is complemented with rich coconut and a splash of craft rum.


Fresh brewed coffee is combined with chocolate, cream, and butter for a rich ganache filling.

Red Wine

A perfect blend of opulent red wine in a light caramel and single origin dark chocolate.

Lavender Marshmallow

The regal flavor of dried lavender is enhanced when blended into a delicate vanilla house-made marshmallow filling.


A classic butterscotch caramel is made with a touch of fleur de sel salt, cream, and butter.

Citrus Habanero

The intense flavor of fresh citrus is enriched with the intense heat of the habanero pepper.

Pear Cardamom

Fresh pears are perfectly roasted with cardamom seeds and blended into a light caramel filling.

Pistachio Cherry

Tart cherries are roasted in red wine and layered with a fresh pistachio praline filling.

Star Anise Honey

Star anise spices are combined with locally sourced honey into a delicate filling.