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A classic caramel made with a touch of fleur de sel salt, cream, and rich butter.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Smoothly ground roasted peanuts with fleur de sel salt is layered with house-made organic jam.

70% Dark Chocolate

Single origin dark chocolate is blended with cream and butter in a ganache filling.

Passion Fruit Caramel

Fresh tangy New Zealand passion fruit juice is made into a tart buttery caramel.


Fragrant lavender is steeped in cream before being added to a ganache filling.

Marmalade Sunflower

Fresh house-made orange marmalade is layered with a fresh ground sunflower seed praline.


The unique sweet but tangy flavor of tamarind is enhanced when blended with chocolate.

Caramel Apple

Granny smith apples are pureed and layered into a rich buttery caramel with milk chocolate.

Anise Honey

The aromatic licorice flavor of anise is blended with the sweet taste of fresh honey.

Marshmallow Almond

A fresh roasted almond praline is layered with a vanilla bean marshmallow ganache.

Meyer Lemon

The intense flavor of fresh local meyer lemons is blended with milk chocolate for a tart filling.

Kaffir Lime

The unique flavor of kaffir lime leaves are intensified when steeped in cream and blended into a chocolate filling.

Cookies and Cream

Ground cookies are blended into a creamy white chocolate filling and intense dark chocolate shell.

Blood Orange Tarragon

Fresh squeezed blood oranges are combined with fresh tarragon in an intense filling.

Pb Celery

Cmoothly ground roasted peanuts with fleur de sel salt are blended with dried celery seeds and milk chocolate.